What Happened With Trump as 2019 Starts

16 states sue Trump over national emergency declaration, border wall

Donald trump has declared a national emergency which would be freeing up the funding for the border wall that is between Mexico and the U.S. this announcement of the national emergency is something new while the use of such emergency powers is a trend which is older even than the country. The states for which Trump has announced the national emergency, as a consequence to that, California and 15 other states which have sued the president on Monday as a reaction of the decision which he had made to free up the funding for the controversial wall which had called it to be unconstitutional and unlawful.  It has also been alleged by the states in their lawsuits for which an emergency has been declared by Trump with the power of unconstitutional redirects and the power of Donald Trump being the president which is redirecting the federal money for the congress set it aside for various other purposes.

The declaration was made by Trump on Friday when the lawmakers have sent him for the government funding bill that included a total sum of $1.375 billion for the wall and he initially requested the shorter funds of $5.7 billion. According to the statements given by the White House Officials, they said that they had believes in how they can unlock the additional $6.6 billion which would be through the emergency declaration and some other budget maneuvers.  The White House believes that it this money would let the administration to build a boundary wall that would minimum be of 234 miles.

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CBS cuts off Donald Trump’s televised address to broadcast ‘The Price is Right’ 21 minutes into POTUS’ 50-minute speech from the White House

CBS has cut away the television address of Donald Trump which is to the return of the price is right that normally got broadcasted at the time. All the broadcast and the cable networks have been carried by the declaration and the press conference had been followed on Friday afternoon.  The CBS only had decided to cut away after 21 minutes before the event could come to an end.

Trump had been found speaking Friday morning to the rose garden of White House while he announced that he had been declaring national emergency on the border so that it could build barriers to safe guard against the illegal immigration.  After he had given the announcement, he said that he is going to be singing a national level emergency and this is going to be a great thing to be done because they have been getting the invasion of drugs, gangs and of people and the president said that these reasons are enough to justify the need of declaring an emergency.  It has also been confirmed by the networks that they will carry the speed that will come at amidst of the ongoing shutdown of the partial government on Thursday.

About four years ago from now, there have been a decline in all the broadcasted networks which to air the prime-time address for the immigration from the president of that time Barak Obama because those contents were called to be very political. It has been also reported by the reporters that the WHITE house has also assured the speech of Trump that it would not be longer than 8 minutes.  While Trump’s speech at that time started from 1.10 pm and ended at 2 pm that meant that the speech had became so longer even more than  expectations.




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