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More than 3 billion of the world’s population is exposed to the internet. The internet is now, essentially, required in every aspects of modern society. The growth of the internet has significantly influenced how business is carried out with internet marketing. Internet marketing, known as online marketing, is efficient materials and procedures that are utilized to encourage customers to purchase and obtain products and services through the internet. The quality of business strategies have improved, simultaneously, the diverse techniques and strategies of internet marketing have spread around the world. Marketers use diverse internet marketing techniques including search engines, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, social media marketing, online advertising and any promotional resources to demonstrate, and sell, their products or services. Internet marketing diversifies business marketing systems and promotes the growth of future global economy and allows consumers convenience. Online marketing is relevant to modern living and remains so as marketing strategies become advanced. Computer programs are becoming more sophisticated, internet marketers and analysts have predicted trends of online markets and the possibility to personally select advertisement suited for particular clients. Online marketers and analysts conjecture that applying marketing data stem to websites especially social media, mobile, and search engines would bring huge returns and a new revolution to 2018’s internet marketing field and is future.

Even though, modern businesses mostly have websites, having only a designed and formulated website does not guarantee having more visitors. To handle this situation, businesses should apply another level of strategy to internet marketing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is generally the method of providing higher ranks and better visibility for a website or webpage based on the search engine results. This SEO method creates exposure to higher ranking webpages for a specific search engine and stimulates the webpage’s visibility. This strategy is very efficient since higher ranked webpages, or websites, are promoted to become more visible and thus improving visibility; ultimately collecting more viewers at the same time. In addition, another similar marketing technique called search engine marketing (SEM) assists the visibility of websites and webpages. Although SEO and SEM both have positive benefits for increasing internet traffic and eve to get more instagram followers, SEO makes search engines pay more attention to web pages by being user-friendly and formatted in ways that search engines operate, whereas SEM focuses on using keywords that are most likely to be entered into search engines by users. In other words, SEO concentrates more on navigability for the search engine while SEM mostly attempts to cast as wide of a net as possible based on keyword phrases.

Affiliate marketing, another method of internet marketing, operates on a commission system that is based on internet sales and is a tool of advertising for goods or services of another company. The commission can be earned through sales or traffic through individual marketing, meaning that as long as the marketers refer customers and the customers refer others regarding its business, they earn a commission based on the increase produced. Another strategy that assists online marketing systems, and analyzes the trend of the market, is referral marketing. Referral Marketing, which is comprised of SEM systems, create a line of referrals that can be traced as popularity increases. Lastly, Social Marketing (SMM) is promotional material that assists social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites to promote and increase their brand recognition by reaching a variety of customers based on the social media platforms used.

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The internet marketing strategies discussed may be exemplified in status quo easily, it has affected our society as a whole in many positive ways such as convenience. However, on the other hand, online marketing has negative aspects, as well, such as the market’s complexity. Reducing the disadvantages of internet marketing and keeping its advantages would be the main key to expand future internet marketing and the way businesses utilize the future of internet marketing. Recently, many entrepreneurs, engineers, sociologists and even students who are interested in technology especially in the internet field, critically consider and attempt to analyze future trends of internet marketing. There is no perfect answer for future internet marketing, but there are plenty of reasonable hypothetical assumptions for 2018’s internet market trends that online marketing research may model. In the article 7 online marketing trends that will dominate 2018, by Jason Demers, the future trend of online marketing is with logic. The article states that:

  • data visualization tools will greatly expand, as will the need for data visualization because as marketers, data is our lifeblood. We need quantitative information to tell us who’s buying what, when, why, and what messaging is most effective for them. But even
  • data analysts frequently have problems understanding exactly what the data is saying; our brains weren’t made to process vast amounts of raw numerical data this way. Now, technology is finally catching up to the “interpretation” part of data analysis.

Internet businesses ask what the consumers want to purchase and attempt to make data trends that the consumers are looking for consistently. The future of internet marketing lies in developing marketing strategies with market data; online marketers attempt to create a program or a website, or app, that is personally able to choose appropriate advertisements and decide internet market trends. Demers mentions the importance of data and how it would change 2018’s internet marketing, “Companies can start taking advantage of this by using these data-based insights to come up with more effective advertising, and get to know their target demographics on a more specific, qualitative level. Chances are, you will have more data at every stage of the consumer buying cycle, from research to purchase and implementation.” Future online business should focus on expanding markets with data based insights to evolve online advertising and advocate better data quality to develop their business and to serve their customers more effectively. Many researchers assume that future online marketing would determine how businesses serve their customers.

Lastly, according to statistic, “spending on interactive marketing by Forrester Research, from 2011 to 2016, marketing extremely has increased with great velocity. This rate is even higher than the rate of social media.” The future, and even 2018’s internet marketing field, could be mainly fulfilled and dominated in the future and ameliorate internet markets, modern companies should be applied and develop these internet marketing practices in internet marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, and increase internet marketing techniques. SEO and SEM can help analyzing the trend products of online market with keyword data stem. In other words, how internet marketers apply the marketing data keywords to search engines and social media websites can expand business and the advances of internet marketing would be the biggest challenges that they would face in 2018.

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